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One Man & His Kettle – Looking At The Bigger Picture In Property

One Man & His Kettle – Looking At The Bigger Picture In Property

Without a doubt, we all want to support as many family-run businesses as possible, but when it comes to property, sometimes you do need to look at the bigger picture and go with the company that has the resource, expertise and proven track record to sell your property. Your home (whether you are buying or selling) is the most expensive commodity that you will ever own – so it is imperative that you do not compromise on that.

What is the most important factor when viewing a property? It is all about having impeccable timing. You could see your dream home online on Friday and ring up asking to undertake a viewing the very next day. You are excited and cannot wait to see what it is like in person; however, your property agent is a small one or two-man band and they sadly do not have the resource to fulfil your request.  What do you do? There is a chance that you might miss out on your dream property, simply because you cannot attain a viewing.

Whilst small agencies undoubtedly do their best, sometimes they do not have the resource to serve all their potential clients. This is sometimes known as a ‘One man and his kettle’ setup and could cost you an amazing property or even the sale of one. Picture this, you list your property for sale with a small agent and they are overwhelmed and busy and cannot facilitate the number of requests for viewings. What happens? Your potential buyers go elsewhere and not only is this a great annoyance, but it could be significantly detrimental to the sale of your property too.

When your property is listed for sale, it is essentially time stamped. In such a crowded marketplace, time is of the essence. If you are using a small agent who are not able to book in all the viewings, your property will be seen as one that has had lots of online viewings, but no interest. In time, this devalues the cost of the property as in prospective buyers’ minds, they will deem it as unworthy at the current price and you could be forced to reduce your price, which will ultimately mean you will lose money in the process.

There is a solution! At Lovett Estate Agents, we have a large team of experts on hand to ensure that every request for a viewing is fulfilled. We are the team that cannot say no and want to make your life easier when it comes to the big move.

Find out more by calling Lovett Estate Agents on 01202 303044 or by emailing info@lovettinternational.com


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